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  Seller buyer public opinion is splitting up

The building city of near future Shanghai presents a Shan Yu of a “ to be about to come the atmosphere of ” of wind full building. A few buildings dish the suggestion of a new development that in developing business, began to appear to split up, cannot stand, house price appeared of p reaper small sedimentation, a lofty that holds out so that live do not move, some covering dish of cherish carry out, defer again and again new dish appear on the market time, also some adopting jump to drive strategy high for nothing, the purpose is to let buy the home to flinch. Anyhow, business was developed when bovine city last year the firm ice of a monolithic bloc was broken, make Shanghai building city enters a quite delicate phase thereby.

In the meantime, a group of people of same interest of the person that buy a house of this locality market also produced the evidence of billabong. The owner that is used at investment is considering is to cast after all, still be “ covers ” , await an opportunity to move again; Buy domestic criterion more show sway: It is to continue after all wait-and-see price waiting for a room falls, still take the advantage of some Xu Youhui and bargain space make a prompt decision now, move at once, a period of time before the effect of “ pendulum ” between buying and selling is compared more very. And actually the rigid demand to most this locality person, majority is to should sell old house, displacement new building, this kind of from beginning to end the contradictory psychology of two end, more perplexing them.

In addition, professional public opinion a group of people of same interest also appeared likewise the sound that sky of good, benefit sings benefit to be moved each each, some is widely divergent even. As building town was entered since the last ten-day of a month in June after the tradition is off-season, the state of mind of Yin Qing's errant building city, buyers and sellers that be in a dilemma, more aggrandizement call empty argument, a lot of if “ sells the home to cover,” , “ is watched on urgent Mai Jiabi now who depreciates first the argument that who wins ” first often sees Zhu Baoduan; And on the other hand, a few 60% above that had occupied total assets of excellent front courtyard because of estate assets, “ if house price drops 30% , the argument that is faced with a situation ” that is defeated completely, also seem the reason that found adamancy for Shanghai's strong floor price.

House price begins differentiation

So, had the house price of Shanghai couldn't be improved after all nowadays? Actually, “ horizontal stroke regards as mountain side becomes a peak, discretion of far and near differs each ” . In fact, shanghai building city is existing all the time this locality and “ are ab extra ” market of two big demand, and this two big markets cannot confuse sth with sth else. From clinch a deal for the respect, the personage outside the orgnaization outside there were many places recently, condition aimed at the high-end room source of Shanghai in succession, those who be like Shang Hai bay is whole buy, park of rainbow bridge, century board piece the heat that becomes foreign capital to buy a house board piece wait for phenomenal frequency to show, nevertheless city of building of Shanghai of this not complete also representing is in countrywide building city general hasten is cold the “ below depreciating macroclimate one branch alone beautiful ” . Of demand of the personage outside the condition mature with downtown more the high-end property of the area is given priority to, at the same time exchange rate of RMB add dollar goes tall continuously, made this part person increase investment to buy the strength of the room, the investment with praedial translate into of monetary sth used to one's own advantage.
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