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Future wants 500 thousand person 5 years

The hotel industry idea that goes up with traditional idea is different, contemporary hotel industry had covered the many fields such as hotel, meal, aviation, hydrotherapy, tanker. From worldwide look, hotel industry is driving force with business trip and tourism, already made the main point of growth of global economy. And be in China, as the arrival of the Olympic Games, about the same a few days have start business of a new public house.

Zhang Zhen of chief inspector of resource of manpower of millennium big public house tells a reporter, for business chance of Olympic Games of race to control, they open business ahead of schedule try operation. GerhardH.Zimmer of vice-president of operation of district of big China of elegant high group expresses France, they are in future those who include China is worldwide inside will be built and perfect 550 hotels. After he forecasts Beijing Olympic Games 2010, china will replace current France, become the travel purpose state with the biggest whole world, 5 years the talent demand of hotel industry is in future left and right sides of 500 thousand person.

International talent has two features

Internationalization hotel management, management talent stresses at least two features: It is foreign language ability. English is the most primary communication language, best can know French, spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean etc, the guest that so that be each country,comes provides a service. 2 it is professional skill. Hotel industry progresses on major very fast, for instance guest door bans a system every 3 upgrade with respect to meeting technology to 5 years, the occurrence of all sorts of new cate, need to replace a technique and train employee.

Recently, one is aimed at market of banking of hotel of Beijing JW10000 a person of extraordinary powers, Beijing Li Saika Er pauses the investigation of manpower resource director of ten hotels such as big public house of millennium of hotel, Beijing shows, public houses of these 5 stars class are average demand of every months of invite applications for a job is controlled in 35 people. And include elegant high group inside, the world company that invests Chinese hotel tourism thinks, the inadequacy that talent of hotel of Chinese inland internationalization lays in and existing hotel talent knowledge, skill is moss-grown, incommensurate hotel industry delivers the state that extend flourishingly. The reporter learns, the duty field person that violet smooth Andrew will go to plan turn, offerred hotel industry elementary course plan of short-term vocational training.

■ essence of life calculates room low cost to take diploma of “ foreign ”

The reporter connects international row, newly to wait from the Jin Ji of Beijing study abroad intermediary orgnaization understands, current, in management of Swiss study hotel all tuition increase living cost is 1 million yuan of RMBs almost. And the income after the student graduates is not high, thinking short-term adduction to answer 1 million yuan investment cost is not an easy thing. To major China family, go abroad learning more of hotel management past is to stay in dreamy phase.
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