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With average house market slow-moving deadlock differs, hopeful of market of Beijing high-grade house spreads out Xin Yibo to go independently situation.

“ we also did not think of this kind of circumstance. ” Beijing Hui Cheng estate develops Yin Jianwu of manager of limited company sale to express, this company is located in the villa of Jun Shan golf of close cloud to sold 19 in all May, sale amount is 109 million yuan. Before this, be located in in the center of the open quotation of dragon bay villa of villatic area, achieved 30% right-and-left sale that day only.

More data make clear, villatic market is in building city bleak in still having not the market performance of common.

The consumptive group of the high-end residence such as “ villa is stabler, the market was not affected apparently. The market feedback of ” unexpected lets Yin Jianwu to next 4 period the product is confident.

Villa fills the small town that confuse a building alone

According to sell a habit before, the concentration of villatic product basically is into city after June. But villatic this year sale period shift to an earlier date somewhat however.

According to " building city " statistic of market research department, this year 1-4 month, assembly of house of whole town commodity hands in amount to amount to 33.37 billion yuan, among them the amount of high-grade apartment total sale of 20 thousand yuan of above is unit price 11.13 billion yuan.

Data of decision-making advisory system shows some estate, 1-4 month, the capital is monovalent the high-grade residence of 20 thousand yuan of above clinchs a deal measure apparent prep above last year the corresponding period, among them annulus was made an appointment with than rising this year in April 12% , clinch a deal with whole of capital goods house the quantity glides 22% form apparent contrast.

Villatic first half of the year whole sells “ pretty good. Hopeful the earth's surface shows Zhang Jian of vise general manager of adviser of ” great exploit. Person Zhang Jian is analysed in a few markets some the market analyses a personage to look, the sound with average slow-moving house is magnified ceaselessly, and high-end house market spread out secretly however new round of independence goes situation.

“ although Beijing house market from last year the end of the year appears the situation that sells cold and cheerless, but to villatic market, such situation did not appear however. Villa of ” dragon bay develops Shang Lachun to express.

La Chun thinks, stop as what villatic land supplies, the residence of low density high end that is a delegate with villa becomes the market to go up rare the product that lack, such product is had again stronger fight drop quality. Because this Beijing whole sells insipid general trends,affect to this kinds of product not quite.

The market analyses a personage to think, the capital chain that the steam again that sells fund lets develop an enterprise to stretch tight closely had flabby opportunity a little, the market that also allows future became much variable. And the signal that such variable also is unscrambled generally to be market get warm again after a cold spell.
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