Changeover of supply demand relations of Beijing of get warm again after a cold

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With message of dispatch house property Beijing Shanghai is secondhand in May room market billows not Jing. Beijing clinchs a deal the quantity continues to maintaining small to rise, villatic market is compared in low end property trades more active. After Shanghai is anabiosising quickly in April, reproduce wait-and-see atmosphere.

Bridal chamber market May supply and clinch a deal the volume rises in succession, but amplitude of Beijing field supply is more than clinch a deal quantity amplitude, occurrence changeover of supply demand relations, this kind of phenomenon is worth vigilance.

Business market: In Beijing low end the raise after sensitive Shanghai client measures property value to or first

According to 21 centuries the praedial data that monitor shows, beijing is secondhand in May commodity housing business clinchs a deal quantity annulus rises than April 1.5% , clinch a deal the value is little rise 0.3 % ; Shanghai is secondhand in May commodity housing clinchs a deal quantity annulus drops than April 1% , clinch a deal the price and keep balance basically in April.

Beijing is secondhand in May room moving circumstance and property type are concerned, high-end property and in low end property distinction is bigger. The praedial data that monitor shows 21 centuries, opened state division in May secondhand room sheet set clinch a deal to all glide what valence had 3.7 % in April relatively is small. According to 21 centuries the praedial area that tell a state joins in inn merchant is mirrorred, clinched a deal in May the quantity still did not see improvement, consumer appears more hesitant, because the near future tells a state,basically be project of new open quotation is more, and center at the subway more the area with the relatively easy communication such as 8 lines, right secondhand room market came into being certain impact. In addition value of the room that tell a state is relatively inferior, the consumptive group that buys a house here is more sensitive to house price, the house price that faces wave motion is more careful also.

To it contrary, secondhand room sheet is covered clinch a deal all valence is as high as 1.858 million yuan rising sun area, secondhand the room trades relatively active, especially total prices the villatic project of 3 million above, of consumer buy good faith stronger, often can decisive make a decision. Because ministry of natural resources of the land since 2006 stopped what villatic project uses the land to supply in the round,this basically is, through development of two years and sale, large quantities of to the limit of one's capacity of new villatic project near end, the advantage of secondhand and villatic situation is shown increasingly. In addition, below the case with market very not at present clear prospect, those who buy villatic item basically is to live oneself model consumer, capital actual strength is relatively abundant, in face door model, when the project with relatively satisfactory position, they are reduced relatively to the susceptibility of the price, decision-making more decisive also.
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