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Vigers Appraisal & Consulting Executive Director, Chartered Surveyors, Zhang industry China Real Estate Appraisers 3rd quarter into the local private housing market continues to heat up, regardless of prices and rents have increased significantly, prompting the inflow of funds into low-level market, which to shop and office market is the most benefit. Middle of last month, the Financial Secretary announced the immediate implementation of the "additional duty", the local private housing market worsened, and accelerate the inflow of funds into the market to profit in other markets. What will the next year, the office property market please? Also just a short glorious time? Recently, the Rating and Valuation Department Hong Kong Government Hong Kong Property Review published a supplement to the December general the first 10 months of this year's Hong Kong office property market's overall performance. Three Grade A office districts such as Central, Wan Chai / Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui recorded a 12-18%, respectively, the price and the average rent increase of 2-12%. More obvious in the past month the price warming, such as market rumors month, Bank of America recorded a 20% increase in records, which clearly shows against 短炒 "extra duty" only the residential market under pressure, a positive shift of funds Office of the market. Why experienced investors love the office market? The following description of the underlying factors one by one. B class office returns more than 3 PCT First flow of funds must follow the path of higher rates of return go! The property address all types of property in recent years the rate of return for specific analysis. Until October, the average return for the private residential housing 2.4% ﹝ ﹞ E Class and Class D 2.8% ﹝ residential ﹞, office the other hand, Class B 3.3% and 3.7%, which is the year 2009, the average office rate of return 3.8 - 4.2% ﹝ B Type II ﹞, but still D, E of large-scale residential average of 2.6% to attract, so the inflow of funds to high interest rates is understandable. Furthermore, the HKMA also tightened the proportion of residential mortgages, so that the proportion of residential and office space close to the office closing is also attractive. As Asia's financial capital, all emerging countries including China, Russia, Brazil will have to get their businesses are emerging stock markets in Hong Kong. They will definitely increase after the listing of their office needs, some large companies are more eager to buy the whole building or a whole layer of our core area of office as the Group Headquarters and other departments work purposes, the formation of three major commercial ─ Central, Wan Chai / Causeway Bay and the whole building is very sought after, Tsim Sha Tsui, investors willing to buy premium, and the entire building of the whole floor, and proud to name its headquarters building. Liquidity of their hands, do not want to pay long-term lease other property owners, would rather buy and use most of the remaining part of the floor area leased, which also decreased the supply of the core region. I know that in 2011 the number of companies listed in Hong Kong funding and the amount is still large, the thrust of a great afternoon to keep heating up. Strong growth expected next year rental guarantee Last week, a cross between an international property consultancy office rents in 2011, the performance of the overall strong growth, an increase of more than 30%, because the Central / Wan Chai / Causeway Bay, the vacancy rate in November fell 3%, compared to 4.2 overall % is also low! In fact, supply of Grade A offices in the next few years mainly in Kowloon East, the traditional core area of the vacant office will tend to reduce the case, so prices and rents will continue upward. However, these transactions are related to the amount of millions of dollars as a unit, the general public is not easy in this market. If you want to share the results of this rise, I suggest to buy Hong Kong listed companies with the Office of the core area, such as Cheung Kong Holdings, Sun Hung Kai Properties, Swire Properties, Hysan Properties, Wharf, Henderson real estate and has a headquarters building of state-owned group . These investments are more secure, because the office property market does not directly touch people's lives, the Government has targeted small to suppress the possibility of much more!

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