Chaoyang District pilot error and stop when the pressure relief office parking

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Recently, the first in the city's Chaoyang District, launched the "wrong time stop," white-collar office by district residents and the time difference, "activate" parking spaces, effectively alleviate the parking problems of the old district. The so-called "wrong time stop" is for community residents and the differences between white-collar office parking time, to maximize use of limited parking spaces. "At least one parking space to park two cars. "It is a small person in charge of the relevant community committees, residents of the morning to go to work, idle parking area, near the white-collar work to stop the vehicle in the district; into the night, the office began to free parking spaces no longer be district residents," by resource sharing, to the effect of the two sides win. " It is understood that "wrong time stop" and put into practice every day 8 to 18, the district office of vehicles to open spaces; 18 am to 8 pm the next day, the office will allow area residents vehicles. More than 3 months, the small community did not occur with related parking spaces caused by the looting of the dispute, the residents took the initiative to remove the unauthorized installation of locks, for many years failed to resolve the parking problem is gradually eased. Chaoyang District Social Office official said, "wrong time stop" pilot now in many streets, the next step the conditions are also expected to gradually spread to other areas, "is expected to effectively alleviate the parking of two to three percent of the pressure."

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