Nanjing small apartment in power shops north of the city singled out the tradi

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According to online real estate statistics, as of November 21, last week, closing shops in Nanjing area of about 7,693.6 square meters, an area of about 6585.07 square meters of office space transactions. Compared with the previous week, rising 1.25% turnover shops, office buildings increased by 178.6 percent volume (in Nanjing last week, closing an area of approximately 7,598.6 square meters of retail, office in Nanjing last week, closing an area of approximately 2,363.55 square meters). City commercial transactions of residential stability rush forward Transacted on the shops, shops in Nanjing last week, 91 sets of transactions, compared to the previous week, 79 sets of chain rose 15.18%. Closing weeks of this year reached the highest point of the day is closing on Friday 46 sets. With the purchase of, interest rates, fund loan interest rates and other policies have been put forward, home buyers and developers, increasing pressure on both sides, watching the market atmosphere increased. Since the New Deal did not involve commercial real estate, commercial property investment loans with limited room limited to the characteristics of investors waiting to see the entrance to seize the opportunity, the basic stability of the trend since the New Deal transaction. As part of the benefits of real estate prices, the housing market is still showing rising trends in overall sales, residential investment does not reduce thermal heat. The shop has some professional investors, not that some experts predict that a large number of investors in the shops from the residential market to market. Small units in power shops north of the city singled out the traditional Area Office Transaction data from the two river sections are still active, west breakthrough this week, flower shops closing there is more gratifying surface conditions. Retail sector turnover of view, Jiangning of the total turnover of 34%, continuing the trend of sales growth last week, although the turnover of the area has dropped, but the Area is relatively stable turnover growth, mainly small areas Jiangning shops, weekly DAY 46 sets of transactions, but only the total area of 2196.81 square meters. Jiangning more shops in the sale, including child care Roca, Jade International Commercial Street, Cheng-based hundreds of lake residence, Arphic Plaza, Fortune Plaza Association public.

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