Xing Da Trade Zijingshan showings road grade office diary

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Policies to curb birth rates under the restriction, limited credit, interest rates, improve deed, against some of the speculative investment spending, some buyers have to turn their attention to commercial real estate. Thus, since Recently, commercial projects under adverse Warming, have become the new darling of investors in Zhengzhou. Leap visit the project today at Zijin Road to the junction with Avenue office one thing - Xingda International Trade. Zijingshan district is twenty-seven business district, Bayside Kong shopping district and said one of the traditional area of Zhengzhou city, but located in Zhengzhou, the administrative, political, and cultural content of education have become more, but the role of the economy Some weakening. Close Years, with the rapid development of housing construction, Zhengzhou "North expansion eastward," city development strategy, Zijingshan district once again become a gathering place for commercial projects. Leap Agricultural Road in the three-way travel by bus 98, and 10 minutes later, the Zijin Road Station for the 62 Road, in Zijin Road Mall Road Station, the walk along the south and 50 meters Zijin Road, on to the Ministry of International Trade's sales Xingda

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