Beijing next year leaves build " one annulus, 7 radiative, much contact " road n

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Beijing next year leaves build " one annulus, 7 radiative, much contact " road network

Yesterday (25 days) , standing committee of Beijing National People's Congress listened to Jilin of standing deputy mayor " make zoology self-restraint develop region industry to develop policy about “ , advance an environment friendly model urban construction ” is second reading the report of conduction circumstance " . The report discloses, next year, connect 7 radiative ” will fly the one loop of “ of the city zone and suburb formally build.

Jilin deputy mayor goes out in report middle finger, will accelerate the road network construction that with “ ” of one annulus, 7 radiative, much contact gives priority to.

Among them, one annulus of “ ” surrounds for door head channel, Ping Gu, conciliatory, Yan Qing, close cloud and Fang Shan, Changping is a mountainous area part, join all zoology self-restraint expands the traffic link line of area county; 7 radiative ” are “ 7 join the city zone and 7 radiative passageways of a mountainous area county; ” of “ much contact, the contact line of new city of the contact line that is area of scene of many radiate key, join and key town.

City hair changes appoint relevant controller expresses, surround 7 areas county is a mountainous area the one annulus of “ of construction ” , start is Ping Gu's Jin Haihu, terminus is in Fang Shan's Zhang Fang, road level is given priority to with country level highway and highway of area county class. And join the “ of 7 a mountainous area counties and the city zone radiative passageway of 7 radiative ” , make after transforming, be formed in quick to having way and high speed road. For instance: To Beijing Bao Lu undertakes transforming waiting. Current, concerned branch is making relevant construction plan, it is OK to predict to begin from next year start working construction.

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