Demand puts delay " Lei Man incident " or affect market of Chinese office buildi

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Demand puts delay " Lei Man incident " or affect market of Chinese office building

Lei Man's brother goes bankrupt, United States forest is bought, with business affairs activity close together and relevant office building market can be denied produce variable.

“ this year second half of the year, chinese estate market can have a big adjustment, of course, also include office building market. ”9 month 24 days, beijing Dai Deliang invests department director all right when Xie Jiancheng is accepting our newspaper reporter to interview, say so.

Place produces Li Wenjie of president of China north division to point out in, if global banking crisis continues to worsen, wait to our country office building fair build the influence of the market or will come in next year the beginning of the year show in year.

Demand puts delay

The consensus that accepts the public figure inside the industry that our newspaper reporter covers is, financial storm will make demand of domestic office building puts delay temporarily. “ most of Fu Deqi hire is financial industry, but this financial storm is cast in finish row while, also let financial industry enter cold winter, if continue to deepen, this kind of influence still can conduct other industry from financial industry, subsequently and the likelihood that come is enterprise outstanding achievement drops, cut down the member of persons employed, the pace of farther dilate puts the company delay, of office place add demand newly to will get bigger impact. Director of district of China of travel of couplet of ” intermediate quantity Chen Limin calm bear oneself pessimism.

Li Wenjie also discloses, last weekend, the place in Beijing produces office building ministry to attend a meeting technically discuss, feedback the information that come back also is client demand is putting delay.

According to Chen Limin's viewpoint, demand puts delay, mean empty buy rate to rise, prospective office building is decreased likely hire depreciation. “ I think most be affected first will be first class office building. ”

“ stems from cost consideration, partial enterprise is met from hire the first class office building of higher urban core area is moved to the office building with inferior hire, conversely, the first class office building of core area is strive for client circumfluence, or will reduce hire. ” Chen Limin laughs at character even, “ result intermediary made money. ”

But limited company of service of property of international of Beijing high power is high manager Xie Jingyu thinks, the first class office building of “ core a sector of an area still can is to go up on prospective market raise posture, why should good thing depreciate. ” but he also expostulation, in the market is flabby, at present stringent shrink policy is changeless, supply increment to increase, below the situation that the enterprise faces capital pressure, suggest these owner capture an opportunity to sell the office building in the hand, the predicament enrolling business with avoid later period and management difficult problem.
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