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Nearly a few trade day is landed a feel proud and elated, sweep early days to be steeped fall by orgnaization undersell shadow. Statistical data shows, much home real estate appears on the market company afterwards after outstanding achievement soars first half of the year, outstanding achievement of the 3rd quarter is premonitory bullish. But meanwhile, cold winter of city of each district building still did not see sign of get warm again after a cold spell, still have the tendency of aggravate even. This is confused of landed company bureau, is this what kind ofly to confuse bureau?

According to concerning data statistic, shanghai is deep two city already released appear on the market 3 quarterly outstanding achievement of company are premonitory in, 6 is fond of beforehand into the company. The reporter notices, real-estate industry is become appear on the market one of main fields that company outstanding achievement increases, after the coal excavate course of study that ranks tall scene bearing, rank the 2nd. Estate company outstanding achievement is so strong, apparent beyond the anticipation of most person.

The half an year before this signs up for data to also show, 119 can appear on the market than estate the company comes true first half of the year advocate battalion income grows 41% compared to the same period, net profit grows 62% compared to the same period. In the meantime, estate board piece wool interest rate is 41.5% , also rose compared to the same period 4.4 percent.

Much home estate appears on the market when the personage is accepting a reporter to interview related the company, also express in succession, value the outstanding achievement of second half of the year.

We are opposite “ outstanding achievement of the fourth quarter still sees the company add, relevant personage accepts 10 thousand divisions of ” yesterday when reporter phone is interviewed, say, face the depression of building city, the market condition that 10 thousand divisions can differ according to each district and client natural resources, undertake be adjustmented appropriately to sale strategy, ensure the company realizes better outstanding achievement in coming the fourth quarter.

The bottom gas of 10 thousand divisions is apparent not without the basis. In estate development business the circumstance of difficult position of general sink capital falls, 10 thousand families succeeded through issueing debenture a few days ago financing 5.9 billion yuan. In fact, photograph comparing appears on the market at other estate company, 10 thousand divisions obtained investor more to favor it seems that, realize financing through capital market for many times.

A personage also represents market of banking of company of commercial real estate, have hope very much to the prospective outstanding achievement of the company, he forecasts the outstanding achievement of market of banking of the fourth quarter to will grow 90% above. Anticipate likewise hopeful still piece of Jiang Gaoke waits appear on the market company, to its prospective outstanding achievement holds what add beforehand to anticipate without one exception. Zhang Jiang tall division predicts net profit of accumulative total of before this year 3 quarters before this embellish and go up photograph comparing increases year of the corresponding period 50% above, this company is successful also last month collect capital more than yuan 2.5 billion.
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