Inland relaxes proposal of city of good building of benefit of grand air strengt

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The face drops again to outback stock market, administration moves to help city eventually, wu Changgen of vice-chairman of area of Asia-Pacific of Lyons negotiable securities says yesterday, central skill saves city conduce to stabilize outback money market, but emphasizing is second interpose market belongs to be forced to do, after waiting for market to stabilize, outback government should need not make intervention again. In addition, christopherWood of analyst of Lyons negotiable securities points out, inland relaxes grand air strength, benefit good Shenzhen reachs city of southern area building, proposal investor is bought inside room.

The investor forum that Lyons negotiable securities holds by a definite date 4 days yesterday, after Wu Changgen attends an activity, express, although the government helps city actively, but current inland market still was not stabilized, and the round-the-world finance seismic sea wave of the near future, also cause an effect to confidence of investor of outback stock market. He says, as a result of current inland A open degree, compare with the staple market photograph of round-the-world and other area still low, reason believes recently A roll out the policy that help city big litres not to have immediate impact with beautiful government.

Wu Changgen still says, although outback stock market is more exalted,appear bigger fall after a rise, but the lever rate of system of current China banking is inferior, asset is indebted rate is favorable, watch American money market instead, derive a product too much because of issueing, push invest a risk high, lever rate is as high as 25 times, believe the problem of American banking system, need time of one end length to reply.

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