Foreign capital sells in China property or visit town of empty China building to

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Divide big rub besides, hua Qi also considers will be in Shanghai residence property move. The of all kinds report of the market of concerned China estate that these movements allow a person to be able to 't help remembering foreign capital is published all right greatly since September. With Magenshidanli chief economist king celebrates big China area for the delegate, value Chinese real estate, forecast building city policy to be able to become loose somewhat first quarter 2009. In the meantime, he thinks Chinese real-estate industry is nonexistent price bubble, building value is relative domestic income from glide since 1997 remarkable, the building buys capacity from stabler level is in since 2003.

To it contrary, the much home orgnaization that includes Gao Cheng inside is high-key sing empty China estate, think the house price of Chinese big city falls already urgently, real-estate industry dies dish possibility is very tall, and may cause major impact now to the pay off table of banking.

Big research reports the view is differ, even antilogy, the action is complicated and confusing more. To these tendercy that are contrary to, analytic personage thinks, big rub sell in China property or to alleviate at the moment predicament, wall street casts a dimension to borrow the crisis to suffer greatly each inflict heavy losses on, magenshidanli place also nots allow hopeful, sell what already scored gain be in China property can alleviate predicament, the likelihood is not see market of empty China estate completely.

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