900 million buy a city to open project chip in to revive the door

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On September 22, financial market accuses an Inc. (financial market, 000402) issue announcement: Financial market with 900 million yuan of evaluate, revive Beijing project of the 4-2# inside the door from first share city of wholy-owned subsidiary Beijing leaves close in the hand for oneself have.

“ is added so hair plus the bank loan specified amount is spent, the company has more abundant ready money to flow at present, encounter good project reserve, we are not willing to miss for certain. Personage of office of ” banking market expresses to the reporter.

According to a series of project strategies that latter banking market is in Beijing, the personage inside course of study expresses, in those days the financial market of tall v Beijing, adjust what had begun strategic centre of gravity again. “ this project and forehead divides a purpose to get, indicate the development strategy of a company returns to Beijing afresh. ” pays close attention to the sea of financial market for a long time to connect Shuai Hu of negotiable securities analyst to express.

Trade double win

“9 is one comparatives to buy price cheaply 100 million yuan. Analysis of ” Shuai Hu thinks.

As we have learned, the “ end the mark that trades this revives ” of project of the 4-2# inside the door, the program is 20 thousand square metre with ground area, the reporter is calculated roughly, the cost taking the land of financial market is 4500 yuan only / square metre.

The fact is such really, the building of financial block region dish all the time very fervent, belong to the object that financial orgnaization contends for eagerly. A lot of buildings dish it is have not build or strong go into operation is booked, in border the gold a sector of an area of financial market, this also does not calculate a high price anyhow.

As we have learned, this project already was planned to be utility of office office building. Item of as other as financial market business affairs is same, personage of financial market interior expresses: “ revives a meeting after project building is directional sell or rent domestic banking orgnaization. ”

Although short-term inside cannot see income, but time limit enlarge reachs to did not come 3 years, this part income cannot small gaze. Although tear open change half-baked, and be as long as construction cycle of 3 years brought 2 ~ the uncertainty of trifling development plan, but look for a long time, the gain of this project still cannot be ignored.

Analyst of Qi Lu negotiable securities besmears force Lei analysis states this project “ predicts sales revenue is 2.56 billion yuan, net profit 380 million yuan, net profit margin is in 15.11% or so ” .

Although trade this in, financial market theres is no lack of those who copy a copy is disrelish, but bilateral to trading for, become pair of winning final result not hard however.
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