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In price respect, the beautiful interest hill of to the limit of one's capacity of old project later period and beautiful city of the four seasons two projects energetically sales promotion, beautiful interest hill rolls out partial door model enjoy the privilege that buys to give, beautiful city of the four seasons of 10 thousand divisions rolls out the price since room of partial bargain price only 6746 yuan / square metre.

Inferior Wang Ying of vise general manager of orgnaization of a person of extraordinary powers male think, in this phase, the price strategy with development business what kind of option and the real case that develop business oneself and sale psychology have very big concern. On one hand, below current market background, product of building town average house faces greater pressure, the building city environment that shows level makes an apart hope that send dealer serious insufficient, accordingly, hit the project as one falls that loses sales promotion, and strength is greater and greater also. On the other hand, high-end product was shown on Beijing's current market stronger fight risk ability.

Project of high end of thrust of many rooms look forward to

High-end market respect, look forward to of many large and famous houses “ Jin Jiuyin the heavy head detain of 10 ” was in above product of high end of high grade a sector of an area. In the promotion this year puts sea real estate in residence of drive of the Hai Zi in the high-end product that is located in Beijing center area mainly; Long Hu is landed and current advocate those who push is ZhongGuanCun (000931, ) ONE of product Tang Ning, estimation of open quotation price is in 20 thousand —4 10 thousand yuan / square metre; Ground of triumphant heart buy be about to the clothbound of open quotation builds a product · Hua Xi predicts Cade open quotation all valence is in 30 thousand —3.5 10 thousand yuan / square metre; Real estate of 10 thousand families is located in sunny park board piece the park predicts open quotation 5 numbers all valence also is in 29 thousand yuan / square metre left and right sides.

Landed respect expresses Long Hu, the high-end product client of high grade a sector of an area group the opinion that has opposite independence to the market, below current market environment, just compare the quality of more particular in the past product and sexual price, the body in because this high grade project of high grade a sector of an area is in gradually,competing revealed an advantage. Real estate of “ dragon lake is in suitable justice project of Yan billows hill arrives to had made work at present from Olympic Games hind give many 30, still have it is thus clear that quite when partial consumer is choosing high-end project, not be the chief factor that considers the price as its. Wool Daqing also shows general manager of district of Bohai Sea of annulus of ground of buy of ” triumphant heart, because be opposite of sunny gate a sector of an area recognize the influence with brand of ground of Ji Kaide buy, the effective client that at present early days of · Hua Xi accumulates Cade already amounted to many groups 200, we meet “ the favourable measure that to Cade the old client of buy ground has 1 to nod, at present of short duration did not consider to be in open quotation when roll out big favourable move. ”
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