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This morning, net of city estate buying operation shows, this city the residence yesterday period room clinchs a deal a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is 1154, the breakthrough closes 1000 sets greatly. As we have learned, since September 20, this city residence of period room clinch a deal a cycle of songs in a traditional opera soares, day of 7 days all clinchs a deal a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is in 500 above, break one after another not only highest this year clinch a deal record, year of the corresponding period also goes more than in the meantime clinch a deal level. To word of number of this group of arrogant, include inferior orgnaization of a person of extraordinary powers inside ten landed orgnaizations and development business all show, to clinching a deal the volume rises to did not feel. In light of the circumstance of the data that “ monitors recently from us and communication of person of the same trade, what to hear to the quantity clinchs a deal to have to change on the market? ” east an in carry out project selling manager outside 4 annulus expresses. After all what project is propped up clinch a deal the quantity is linear on leap up, became this week building city's biggest suspense.

New dish of contribution is not large

The rocket that measures to clinching a deal, the personage inside course of study figures, because despotic is supplied during the Olympic Games,basically be, demand erupts centrally, for instance this city has a state recently 18 projects such as 3 annulus center roll out hill of abstruse village, beautiful interest, East Asia new dish, and roll out the price not tall.

However, the data that from the data that net of Beijing estate buying operation shows He Yahao orgnaization monitors looks integratedly, these are new dish although clinch a deal to building city whole,the quantity has contribution, but can't prop up “ to soare far ” . For instance from recently 18 buildings of two weeks of open quotation dish in light of, clinch a deal the before 5 v/arc a person's status with larger amount are not East Asia beautiful city of the four seasons of abstruse village, 10 thousand divisions mixes hill of 3 annulus center, beautiful interest, country trendy fine garden, end yesterday afternoon, of these projects clinch a deal the quantity is respectively 274, 243, 139, 88 mix 52, of additionally 13 projects clinch a deal gross is controlled in 150, such calculating come down, new dish two weeks clinch a deal gross is controlled in 1000, they clinch a deal to whole floor city the contribution of the quantity arrives on average everyday, do not exceed 100.

Dozen break a floor dish gross is finite

The Hua Yemei of 4 annulus rares county rolls out special offer room east every square metre 14000 yuan, on the west the discount of ocean landscape lowest outside 4 annulus 6.3 fold, room of special offer of square metre of LOFT48 of scenery of holiday of the grain in 10 thousand divisions, city of building of near future of 600 thousand yuan of …… hits a price fold increase again and again with sales promotion strength, city ” reputation is helped in the “ that lower interest in, had certain effect to dissolving the wait-and-see mood of building city. This is the personage inside course of study clinchs a deal to “ the quantity soares another speculation of ” .
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