"The person is sent originally " into new standard of Beijing office building

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Regard prospective health as office building example, look from the design, astylar structure provides complete steel of Jia Chengzhong heart extremely contemporary feeling, the exterior with extensive great, compact model brief, bright outline, body reveals novel, contemporary, bold design concept.

What is is office building the mainest? It is the office requirement that can satisfy the industry that cross a state of course. Day of 20 entrances inside Jia Chengzhong heart establishs laid of high speed elevator, 1.8 meters corridor width, ground the steeliness OA of 150 millimeter wore the design such as tall floor to reflect experience with client work efficiency and office to go up.

In “ person this clique ” office building looks, environmental harmony also is human nature is changed. Of park of proximate solidarity lake fine fill a center, office environment with quiet and quiet and tastefully laid out be good at. Still can see a tower over a city gate of white tower of west hill red autumnal leaves, the North sea, Tian An Men on 42 360 degrees view scene stages. Use wall of act of glass of film of hollow low radiation to match aluminium alloy frame, the VAV of comfortable environmental protection changes system of wind force air conditioning, sunshine is aspersed directly through glass come in, ensure office environment health thereby comfortable, be in the edifice of CBD congested Lou Qunzhong than those flooding, fine the feeling that garden of static, city takes in filling a center to be troubled by arises spontaneously.

Wait for first class office building in Jia Chengzhong heart drive below, not only redefine the new standard of office building of modern city first class, and let office building upgrade concept- - “ is this ” health concept to enter popular feeling gradually with the person. fine fill a center, the healthy service such as meal service, fitness service, healthy lecture, healthy activity becomes office building of new group first class to attract new approach of the client.

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