Beijing Jia Chengzhong heart makes up for CBD to exceed first class office build

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Beijing Jia Chengzhong heart makes up for CBD to exceed first class office building rare be short of

Mention CBD, is what you think of a country trade center, fine in center or Yintai center? Began in Feburary from this year, in your option much building of sex of mark of a ground, jia Chengzhong heart appears on CBD as newly mark.

Of Jia Chengzhong heart fill those who put on a world to make up for Beijing CBD area to exceed first class office building is rare be short of, according to statistic, area waits in along the line of market of CBD, banking, Chang'an Street, the empty buy of office building of international first class is led under 10% , it is with CBD among them very. Be in this to collect the celebrated ground that digs gold with fortune and stream of people, the enterprise that cross a state looks for good office place hard, common office building is not little, but resemble Jia Chengzhong heart example of such prospective health office building with label of human melt into, satisfied masses banking firm to wait for the desire of CBD of 500 strong company take root.

Top class office building is welcome, result from the driving demand of foreign capital enterprise. Compare domestic company, foreign enterprise more care about office environment and situation. Advantageous situation let Jia Chengzhong heart make newly mark label. Jia Chengzhong heart is located in east road of 3 annulus north, beijing vast edifice north, border 3 lis of collect reach diplomatic mission area, with the CCTV the photograph that separate a market looks, the Yao of several paces can amount to the subway lake of 10 clew knot stands. Traffic is very convenient, be apart from capital International Airport only 20 kilometers, and airport bus also has stop in Jia Chengzhong heart.

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