Shanghai of Beijing of Tianjin dark battle

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Center of banking of Shanghai of Beijing of Tianjin dark battle has v/arc a person's status hard

Does the “ difficult ” that center of banking of Tianjin of Shanghai of Beijing of ” of “ dark battle breathes out go out?

Li Wen is added say frankly, what Tianjin needs most now is to be aimed at the ” of “ v/arc a person's status with these real markets, building money market just is core. Talent and financial orgnaization settle are unchallenged, the talent can flow naturally, financial orgnaization also has quite much already was in Tianjin settle.

OTC(bar trades) fund of equity of collect of illicit of the market, PE() harbor of center of center, off shore banking, “ direct car ”…… on these media very the concept of dazzle and vocabulary, also be the good blue print that Tianjin develops place to depict for oneself finance.

Although look in the outside probably, at present a lot of progress compare forecast medium slow, build in the market especially, but still a lot of enterprises are grabbed to be in the development henceforth first machine, had acted in “ ” .

So, is the ” of “ anticipate the enemy of these enterprises advisable? In the battle of PE center contention of Shanghai of ferry is in Beijing, whether can Tianjin show itself again, achieve what one wishes?

   The attempt is first

This year September, new York floats Europe exchange group and Tianjin municipal government sign cooperative memorandum, on blame exclusiveness foundation, trade to Tianjin is built and develop national counter (OTC) market provides advisory service. As redound, tianjin city inspects particular case to recommend the Tianjin company that wishs to float in new York Europe bourse appears on the market of purpose to its.

It is likewise in September, shanghai Pudong develops a bank (next weighing that “ Pu Fayin goes department of business of fund of direct equity investment is in ”) Tianjin uncovers a shop sign, riverside sends bank high level to express, direct equity invests Tianjin of optional location of fund business department, it is the need of layout of strategy of riverside hair bank. Finance of new developed area of seaside of Tianjin lending strength reforms the advantage of foretaste of innovation go ahead of the rest, conduce to Pu Fayin going in the seek on higher starting point greater progress.

Liwenzeng of director of the 2nd lab tells institute of progress of Tianjin city economy " daily of the first finance and economics " : No matter be off shore finance,the center returns “ now is OTC market, should try rapidly, foretaste of go ahead of the rest. It is good now that the opportunity that past Shanghai builds a stock exchange to wait still is inferior to, now more should make hay while the sun shines goes trying, reform an opportunity with respect to possible bungle otherwise, lose development opportunity. ”
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